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SpamTitan is een anti-spam e-mailbeveiligingsoplossing die phishing, malware, spear phishing, kwaadaardige en spam-e-mails detecteert en blokkeert om zakelijke e-mail te beschermen, met meerlaagse analyse en authenticatie. 5-sterrenproduct dat vaak prijzen gewonnen heeft en een uitstekende eerstelijnsondersteuning biedt. Meer informatie over SpamTitan
ZEROSPAM is een complete cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor e-mailbeveiliging en anti-spam die domeinen beschermt tegen spam, ransomware, spear-phishing, virussen, phishing en alle schadelijke e-mails. Detecteer vermomde uitvoerbare bestanden en geïnfecteerde macro's die worden verzonden als bijlagen via e-mail of gedownload via een kwaadaardige link. Meer informatie over Zerospam
Barracuda Email Security Gateway is an email security platform designed to help businesses in healthcare, retail, financial services, and other industries filter inbound or outbound conversations and protect critical data from malware, phishing attacks, and spam. The system decompresses archives, encrypts messages, and scans emails for viruses... Meer informatie over Barracuda Email Security Gateway
MimeCast Email Security is a cloud-based secure email gateway designed to help businesses in healthcare, IT, legal, financial services, manufacturing, and other industries protect conversations from malware, spam, ransomware, spear-phishing, and zero-day attacks. Supervisors can monitor, detect and remediate internal threats by inspecting internal... Meer informatie over MimeCast Email Security
Paubox Email Suite is a HIPAA-compliant email encryption software designed to help businesses manage and secure emails using encryption and data loss prevention methods. It includes ExecProtect, which allows businesses to prevent data breaches, phishing, and display name spoofing attacks by automatically detecting and blocking impersonation scams... Meer informatie over Paubox Email Suite
SolarWinds Mail Assure is een tool voor e-mailbeveiliging die bedrijven beschermt tegen ransomware, spam, phishing en andere e-mailbedreigingen. Het cloudgebaseerde platform biedt functies zoals beveiliging en archivering van e-mail, beheer van de dienstinfrastructuur, continuïteit van de mailbox en integratie met Office 365. Meer informatie over Mail Assure
Proofpoint Email Protection is a computer security management software designed to help businesses identify and block threats using AI-enabled tools. It offers an advanced business email compromise (BEC) defense feature, which enables administrators to analyze various attributes including message header and senders’ IP address. Meer informatie over Proofpoint Email Protection
Cisco Secure Email is a cloud-based email security software designed to help businesses of all sizes provide protection against malicious files, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, spoofing, and other cyber threats. It enables organizations to streamline data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption processes to safeguard critical business... Meer informatie over Cisco Secure Email
Secure Email Gateway is a cloud-based security application that provides businesses tools to prevent spam, data loss, and threat intrusion in the network. It is sold as a stand-alone and as a part of the Dome Anti-spam suite, which offers solutions including secure web gateway, secure internet gateway, secure email gateway, and data loss... Meer informatie over Secure Email Gateway
Security Gateway by MDaemon is an email security software designed to help businesses secure email servers from malware and phishing attacks. The solution enables administrators to automatically detect threats across various platforms including Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365. Meer informatie over Security Gateway by MDaemon
ContentCatcher is a web-based SaaS solution offering email security, encryption, anti-spam, phishing protection and compliant archiving to assist organizations of all levels to combat and mitigate malicious email threats, with features including anti-virus, filtering, URL defense, reporting and more Meer informatie over ContentCatcher
Sentry Email Defense Service (EDS) is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses ensure protection against spam, virus, phishing links, DDoS, ransomware, and various other threats. Features include real-time reporting, encryption, data leakage protection, SMTP logs, and email archiving. Meer informatie over Sentry Email Defense Service
Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a computer security software that helps busiensses manage data encryption, compliance, threat protection, and other operations on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to utilize the inspection engine to disassemble communication and manage data security across zip files and embedded documents. Meer informatie over Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway
Sophos Email is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses establish secure email networks and ensure protection from malware, intrusion, unauthorized access, and other online threats. The application includes anti-ransomware technology, which enables organizations to stop boot-record and ransomware attacks using behavioral analysis. Meer informatie over Sophos Email
Area 1 Horizon is a network security management software designed to help businesses protect systems against phishing attacks across various traffic sources including emails, web pages, and networks. The platform enables administrators to receive notifications about blocked phishing campaigns on a unified interface. Meer informatie over Area 1 Horizon

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