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GitHub is een plek om code te delen met vrienden, collega's, klasgenoten en volledige vreemden, waardoor individuen en teams sneller, betere code kunnen schrijven. Meer informatie over GitHub
esChecker is a powerful tool that automatically test that the security implemented in the mobile application responds perfectly to the attacks it may suffer. The big highlight of esChecker comes from all the dynamic tests (DAST) that are offered. Meer informatie over esChecker
GitLab is een geïntegreerd, open source platform voor DevOps levenscyclusbeheer voor software-ontwikkelingsteams om productveranderingen te plannen, coderen, testen, implementeren en bewaken. Meer informatie over GitLab
Kiuwan is een cloudgebaseerde beveiligingsoplossing voor toepassingen die automatische codescanning combineert met geautomatiseerd beheer van open source-componenten. Het platform ondersteunt een reeks technologieën en kan worden geïntegreerd met verschillende tools, zoals build-systemen, foutopsporing en broncoderegisters. Meer informatie over Kiuwan
SonarQube is een tool die wordt gebruikt voor het continu inspecteren van codekwaliteit en codebeveiliging voor ontwikkelingsteams tijdens codebeoordelingen. Meer informatie over SonarQube
SiteLock is a static application security testing (SAST) software designed to help businesses protect websites against malware and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Key features of the platform include threat detection, database scanning, bad bot blocking, automated plugin patching, security vulnerability repair, and website acceleratio... Meer informatie over SiteLock
For Salesforce DevOps teams, CodeScan helps businesses scan and analyze Salesforce codes, define quality and security standards, and ensure compliance with statutory guidelines across code development projects. We have 350+ rules and support all Salesforce languages and Metadata. Meer informatie over CodeScan
Snyk is a cloud-based application security and testing platform, which helps enterprises discover and fix vulnerabilities across open source libraries, containers, or codes throughout the development process. Features include runtime monitoring, reporting, exploitability indicators, alerts, and prioritization. Meer informatie over Snyk
CodeScene is a tool that maps hotspots in a codebase and pinpoints the exact lines of unhealthy code hindering software delivery flow. Meer informatie over CodeScene
Klocwork is a web-based static code analysis software designed to help businesses identify and manage software security and quality in compliance with regulatory guidelines. It lets DevOps teams detect various security vulnerabilities including tainted data, SQL injection, vulnerable coding practices, buffer overflow, and more. Meer informatie over Klocwork
DeepSource is a static application security testing (SAST) software designed to help businesses review application codes to identify potential vulnerabilities or performance issues. The platform automatically determines the context of codes, enabling supervisors to analyze and detect various types of issues, including bug risks, anti-patterns, and... Meer informatie over DeepSource
Checkmarx Static Application Security Testing (CxSAST) is designed to help businesses conduct static analysis for identifying vulnerabilities in custom codes and open source applications. It enables DevOps teams to scan source codes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), mitigate risks, and gain insights into the system's security framework. Meer informatie over CxSAST
Coverity is a static application security testing (SAST) solution designed to help businesses manage risks across the application portfolio, address quality defects in the software development life cycle, and maintain compliance with many coding and security standards. Meer informatie over Coverity
Apiiro is re-inventing the secure development lifecycle for agile and cloud-native development. It helps businesses transform application security into multidimensional application risk. Meer informatie over Apiiro
BuildPiper is a product by OpsTree Labs, which is an end-to-end Kubernetes and microservices Delivery Platform. It is a hybrid cloud-enabled system that facilitates the deployment of dockerized code across multiple environments. Meer informatie over BuildPiper
With GuardRails, you can finally feel safe on every level of your security. The platform enhances development processes and gives developers control via its layered approach that shields them from code to the cloud for complete protection against attackers. Meer informatie over GuardRails
Nexus Lifecycle by Sonatype is an application security and dependency management solution designed to help organizations manage open-source governance and automatically find and fix vulnerabilities across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). The platform enables developers to monitor security standards in the development process and... Meer informatie over Nexus Lifecycle
Argon connects to development environments and tools. It protects the entire CI/CD pipeline from code manipulation misconfigurations, code leaks, and vulnerabilities. This solution enables smooth AppSec orchestration by providing a unified view, full visibility, security, and code integrity. Meer informatie over Argon
Hex-Rays develops and supports the IDA disassembler. This famous software analysis tool, which is a de-facto standard in the software security industry, is an indispensable item in the toolbox of a software analyst, security expert, software developer, or software engineer. Meer informatie over IDA Pro
Conviso is a SaaS-based tool that helps businesses secure application development pipelines via vulnerability scanning, automated testing, and more. Meer informatie over Conviso
Bearer helpt ontwikkelaars en technische teams bij het verwerken van API-gebruik, het bewaken van prestaties en het detecteren van problemen in verschillende toepassingen en codebases van derden. Het kan worden geïnstalleerd als een in-app agent om meerdere servers en programmeertalen te beheren, waaronder Node.JS, Ruby en Python. Meer informatie over Bearer
ThunderScan by DefenseCode is a Static Application Security Testing (SAST) software that allows businesses to perform deep and extensive security analysis of various application source codes. ThunderScan can be integrated with existing CI/CD pipelines and DevOps environment, offering a platform that requires almost no user input, easy to use, and... Meer informatie over ThunderScan
Veracode is a static application security testing (SAST) software designed to help businesses review applications' source code to identify vulnerabilities. The platform allows software developers to conduct application analysis and receive automated security feedback in the IDE and CI/CD pipeline. Meer informatie over Veracode
ShiftLeft CORE is an application security platform that improves collaboration between Dev and AppSec teams and provides early scans of code at scale. Meer informatie over ShiftLeft CORE
AppSonar helps automate static application security testing to find hidden security and quality bugs at the source. Unlimited code scanning and free email and phone support. Meer informatie over AppSonar
Codiga is a coding assistant that helps software developers write better code faster. With the Codiga coding assistant, businesses can create, find, and import safe and secure reusable code blocks in seconds, saving hours of software development. Meer informatie over Codiga
Ostorlab is a cloud-based vulnerability management platform designed to help businesses detect, monitor, and remediate risks across enterprises' external attack surfaces. Meer informatie over Ostorlab
Tanzu Observability is a user-friendly enterprise observability solution that offers full-stack visibility for applications running on any cloud. Meer informatie over VMware Tanzu Observability

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