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Canva is een grafische vormgevingstool voor het maken van marketingmateriaal, documenten en presentaties met een editor op basis van slepen en neerzetten en een bibliotheek met aanpasbare sjablonen. Meer informatie over Canva
Adobe Creative Cloud is een pakket voor grafische vormgeving en videobewerking waarmee bedrijven printlay-outs kunnen publiceren, afbeeldingen kunnen bewerken, PDF-documenten kunnen beheren en met teamleden kunnen samenwerken met verschillende mobiele en desktoptoepassingen. Meer informatie over Adobe Creative Cloud
Telegram Messenger is een cloudgebaseerd berichtenplatform voor mobiel en desktop dat wordt ondersteund door systeemeigen apps op de meest populaire besturingssystemen en apparaten, waarmee gebruikers of gebruikersgroepen verbinding kunnen maken en spraakoproepen kunnen uitvoeren, alsook berichten, multimedia en bestanden van alle soorten kunnen... Meer informatie over Telegram
Met Instagram, de social networking-app, kunnen gebruikers foto's en video's delen, berichten liken, opmerkingen plaatsen, privéberichten sturen en meer. Meer informatie over Instagram
CoreIDRAW is software voor grafische vormgeving, waarmee gebruikers professionele ontwerpen kunnen maken met vectorillustraties, lay-out, fotobewerking, typografie, sjabloontools en meer. Met CoreIDRAW kunnen gebruikers via de web-app illustraties, webafbeeldingen en prints in de cloud maken, openen en opslaan. Meer informatie over CorelDRAW
Elevate your visual presence everywhere you tell your story with eye-catching images made in PicMonkey. Photo editing and design tools go from simple, one-click magic to sophisticated high-end capabilities that let you create unique looks that stand out from the crowd. Meer informatie over PicMonkey
Adobe Photoshop is an image editing and graphic designing software that helps businesses streamline photo editing and compositing processes and create digital paintings and animations. The artificial-intelligence (AI)-enabled platform lets designers invite external stakeholders to edit documents and share projects via live streaming functionality. Meer informatie over Adobe Photoshop
inPixio Photo Studio is designed to help businesses edit and enhance digital images, correct errors on photos, and automatically detect colors to manage photo retouching processes. The application enables photographers to erase backgrounds and unwanted objects from photos and improve the quality and colors of images using auto correction capability... Meer informatie over inPixio Photo Studio
LuminarAI is software voor fotobewerking voor macOS en Windows, waarmee bedrijven afbeeldingen kunnen analyseren, aanbevelingen over creatieve sjablonen kunnen ontvangen op basis van afbeeldingsinhoud en de wijziging in een hele reeks kunnen toepassen. Meer informatie over LuminarAI
Fotor is een ontwerptool die wordt gebruikt voor het bewerken van foto's en om kaarten, uitnodigingen en flyers te maken door niet-professionals en ontwerpers. Fotor wordt geleverd met meerdere ontwerpsjablonen die allemaal kunnen worden aangepast aan de behoeften van een bepaald project. Meer informatie over Fotor
PhotoScape X is an on-premise photo editing software that provides businesses with tools to customize and edit images according to requirements. Professionals can create animated GIFs, capture screenshots, remove background images, and convert photos into the required format. Meer informatie over PhotoScape X
Pixlr is a free online photo editor that offers web, iOS and Android app editions. The platform includes a variety of stock photos and templates, and is applied for editing images to be used in poster designs, cards, and other graphic design projects. Meer informatie over Pixlr
Capture One is a Windows and Mac-based image editing software that helps businesses capture, edit, share, print, and manage photos. The RAW converter provides photographers with tools to organize and centralize workflows for image capture and final outputs. Meer informatie over Capture One
Pixelmator Pro is an image editing software, which enables businesses to modify images using presets, retouching and vector tools, pre-designed shapes, spacing guides, and more. Creative professionals can combine, mix, rearrange, apply or remove effects such as 'Blur', 'Distortion', 'Halftone', 'Stylize', 'Sharpen' and 'Tile', among others. Meer informatie over Pixelmator Pro
FotoJet is a web-based photo editing software, which helps graphic designers create photo collages and edit images. It offers a variety of templates for cards, invitations, posters, YoutTube banners, Facebook covers, and flyers. Meer informatie over FotoJet
Darkroom is a photo editing suite designed to help businesses capture, process, edit, retouch, print, and sell photos. It offers various solutions including Darkroom Booth, Core, Assembly, Hotfolder, and Event Gallery. Meer informatie over Darkroom
Geef je contentbibliotheek een boost met onbeperkte toegang tot miljoenen authentieke en goed presterende stockafbeeldingen, video's, vectoren en pictogrammen voor slechts $ 39 per maand met een wereldwijde verzekering om je te beschermen. Meer informatie over JumpStory
PhotoWorks is an image editing and graphic designing software that helps businesses utilize AI-based technology to enhance images based on photography genres. With the auto-correction tool, staff members can fix color balance, manage dynamic range, optimize exposure, remove digital noise, sharpen images, and straighten tilted horizons. Meer informatie over PhotoWorks
Lightshot is a screenshot capturing tool designed to help professionals capture, save and edit customizable screenshots. Users can copy images to Microsoft Windows clipboard and use the editor to highlight specific sections and add text annotations, arrows, or lines according to individual requirements Meer informatie over Lightshot
Greenshot is an open-source and on-premise tool designed to help project managers, technical writers, software developers, and other professionals capture screenshots and edit them according to requirements. Individuals can customize hotkeys and set up a time lag before capturing the screen. Meer informatie over Greenshot
Let Designify optimize product photos in just a few seconds. Remove backgrounds, add a logo, choose and save built-in design templates and let AI do all the hard work. Designify Pro also offers a simple API to seamlessly integrate with existing apps or workflows. Meer informatie over Designify
Ribbet is a photo editing software that allows users to turn their photo collections into artwork. The system comes with features such as image drag & drop, shape adaptation, color schemes, card design, and more. Additionally, photos can be uploaded directly from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram as well as... Meer informatie over Ribbet
Shutterstock Editor is a cloud-based photo editing tool designed to help professionals create advertisements, social media posts, presentations, flyers, gift certificates, artworks, and more using custom templates on a drag-and-drop interface. Individuals can resize images on an online canvas and save, publish and share designs according to... Meer informatie over Shutterstock Editor
PicResize is a photo editing tool that helps professionals crop, resize, and enlarge images in multiple file formats, such as GIF, PNG, JPG, and BMP. It allows individuals to add, resize and download multiple pictures at the same time as a zip file. Meer informatie over PicResize
AfterShot Pro is an on-premise photo editing software designed to assist businesses and individuals with image branding, touch-ups and photo corrections, and lens corrections. The non-destructive photo editing capabilities let users enhance photos with various types of enhancements, multi-version editing, local contrast, selective editing, noise... Meer informatie over AfterShot Pro
Add Image Galleries to Confluence pages and elevate your content with an Image Slider, a simple Grid or in a Masonry view. Add style to your Content in Confluence. Meer informatie over Advanced Image Gallery
ImagePrint is an intuitive editing tool for printing large photos and drawings. You can adjust colors, size, rotation, etc. Multiple images can also be combined into a single PDF document. Meer informatie over Coragi ImagePrint
Gigapixel AI is an AI-powered image editing platform designed to increase image resolution and better image quality. Meer informatie over Gigapixel AI
Wondershare Fotophire is a photo editing software designed to help businesses and individuals retouch and add multiple effects to photos. It lets teams fix poorly lit photos and make them more captivating. Meer informatie over Wondershare Fotophire
iPiccy is a photo editing software option. The package resembles professional tools used by photographers and graphic designers, except that users are not required to install anything on their own workstation. Thus, iPiccy provides an option to retouch photos via a browser. Meer informatie over iPiccy

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