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Nessus is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor het beoordelen van kwetsbaarheden die is ontworpen om beveiligingsmedewerkers te helpen bij het identificeren en oplossen van kwetsbaarheden om organisaties te beschermen tegen verschillende beveiligingsrisico's. Het wordt geleverd met vooraf gedefinieerde sjablonen die door gebruikers kunnen worden... Meer informatie over Nessus
Cloud Management Suite is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor softwarebeheer die managed service providers en bedrijven helpt bij softwarepatching en toegang op afstand. Meer informatie over Syxsense
Beagle Security helps you to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities on your web apps & APIs before hackers harm you in any way. Meer informatie over Beagle Security
Heb je meer dan 100 cloudactiva? Orca Security biedt beveiliging op werklastniveau voor AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure en GCP (Google Cloud Platform) zonder agenten. Detecteer en identificeer kwetsbaarheden, malware, verkeerde configuraties, gelekte wachtwoorden, risico op laterale verplaatsing en onbeveiligde gegevens met een hoog risico. Meer informatie over Orca Security
Acunetix is een oplossing voor cybersecurity die automatische technologie voor het testen van de webbeveiliging biedt voor het scannen en controleren van complexe, geverifieerde, HTML5- en JavaScript-intensieve websites om kwetsbaarheden zoals XSS, SQL-injectie en meer te detecteren. Meer informatie over Acunetix
AppTrana helps businesses monitor, detect, block & protect applications and websites against hack attempts, security threats & DDoS attacks. The vulnerability detection functionality lets users conduct automated security scans to ensure safety against unknown vulnerabilities. Meer informatie over AppTrana
Netsparker Security Scanner identificeert automatisch XSS, SQL Injection en andere kwetsbaarheden in websites, webapplicaties en webservices. Meer informatie over Invicti
Qualys Cloud Platform is designed to help businesses automate the security and monitoring of web applications and gain visibility into the utilization of IT assets. It enables IT professionals to detect threats related to unauthorized access across networks and conduct audits and IP scans. Meer informatie over Qualys Cloud Platform
USM Anywhere is a cloud-based threat detection and response software designed to help IT professionals automatically collect and analyze data across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. Powered by Alien Labs, the platform lets security teams leverage data from leverages from the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) to gain threat intelligence. Meer informatie over USM Anywhere
Probely helps security & software engineers find vulnerabilities, instructions on how-to-fix them and automate security testing with ease. Meer informatie over Probely
Cyber Chief is a vulnerability scanner and issue management tool that helps ship software with zero known security vulnerabilities. Meer informatie over Cyber Chief
ArcSight is a vulnerability scanning software that helps businesses utilize machine learning technology to detect threats, handle investigations, create prioritized event lists, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to extract entities from log files and observe events and behavior across users, IP addresses, servers, and... Meer informatie over ArcSight
Security for Everyone is created to make cybersecurity understandable, affordable and manageable for everyone. Meer informatie over Security for Everyone
HackerOne is een webgebaseerd cyberbeveiligingsplatform dat is ontworpen om bedrijven in verschillende sectoren, zoals onderwijs, telecom, luchtvaart, media, financiële diensten en meer, te helpen kwetsbaarheden te elimineren door continue ontwikkelingsprocessen te beveiligen. Meer informatie over HackerOne
Get 360° cloud protection from architecture design to runtime. Save resources by detecting and fixing cloud issues in minutes with this drag and drop, no-code solution. Over 800 rules running continuously on your cloud within minutes from onboarding. Meer informatie over CloudWize
ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus is a prioritization-driven threat and vulnerability management software for enterprises that offers built-in patching. Meer informatie over ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus
You deserve true peace of mind with continuous pentesting across your company’s cloud and external assets. Red Sentry is an automated, continuous pentesting platform that can help keep you secure 24/7/365. Red Sentry’s attack surface analysis is easy, fast, and surprisingly affordable. Meer informatie over Red Sentry
CODA Footprint is a SaaS multi-tenant attack surface reduction solution that covers vulnerability management, contextual risk scoring and prioritized remediation in an all-in-one package. Meer informatie over CODA Footprint
Strobes a risk centric and ML based Vulnerability Management Platform. It uncovers the entire threat landscape and discover the vulnerabilities in your entire ecosystem. Meer informatie over Strobes
With GuardRails, you can finally feel safe on every level of your security. The platform enhances development processes and gives developers control via its layered approach that shields them from code to the cloud for complete protection against attackers. Meer informatie over GuardRails
Intruder is een cloudgebaseerde kwetsbaarheidsscanner die digitale middelen scant, bedreigingen identificeert en rapporten genereert. Het is ontworpen voor kleine tot middelgrote bedrijven en helpt gebruikers met geautomatiseerde beoordelingen, foutopsporing, patchbeheer, netwerkbeveiliging, gegevensversleuteling en hybride penetratietesten. Meer informatie over Intruder
Detectify is een cyberbeveiligingsoplossing waarmee beveiligingsteams bedrijfsmiddelen kunnen bewaken en bedreigingen in verschillende webtoepassingen kunnen identificeren. Beheerders kunnen domeinen of IP-adressen toevoegen, het eigendom van bedrijfsmiddelen verifiëren en profielen scannen om kwetsbaarheden op te sporen, waaronder foutieve... Meer informatie over Detectify
SaaS Vulnerability Scanner is a computer security platform designed to help businesses manage, detect and prioritize vulnerabilities across the network infrastructure. Organizations can use the interface to schedule and configure assessments to include or exclude specific ports from external scans. Meer informatie over SaaS Vulnerability Scanner
SecOps is an AI-powered cybersecurity assessment platform that assists businesses with vulnerability management and remediating misconfigurations across applications and the cloud. Meer informatie over SecOps Solution
Vulkyrie offers free unlimited network and website vulnerability scanning for small and medium enterprises. Meer informatie over Vulkyrie
Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager is a security solution designed to help organizations track and manage vulnerabilities across network equipment, servers, devices, websites, workstations, and docker images via a unified portal. The platform lets users maintain an inventory of technologies and automatically captures and stores details about system... Meer informatie over Cyberwatch Vulnerability Manager
ShiftLeft CORE is an application security platform that improves collaboration between Dev and AppSec teams and provides early scans of code at scale. Meer informatie over ShiftLeft CORE
The industry’s ONLY vulnerability management solution for storage & backup systems, helping organizations protect their most valuable data - and ensure recoverability. Meer informatie over StorageGuard
Trend Micro Cloud One is cloud and cybersecurity software that helps businesses manage security policies, detect threats, receive malicious activity alerts, conduct root-cause analysis, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to set up runtime container protection, manage security policies across multi-cloud environments,... Meer informatie over Trend Micro Cloud One
A simple and unified video surveillance, access control, and analytics platform in the cloud. Meer informatie over Arcules
Trava is a cybersecurity platform designed to help insurance brokers, investors, managed service providers (MSPs) and other professionals across multiple industries protect data from risks using cyber insurance, automated assessments, and more. Meer informatie over Trava
Compliance through Security Information and Event Management, Log Management, and Network Behavioral Analysis. Unified event correlation and risk management for modern networks. The solution that provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware. Meer informatie over tbSIEM
Amazon Inspector is a vulnerability management solution that helps businesses scan AWS workloads to expose and identify vulnerabilities, enhance the security and compliance of applications across AWS, and meet compliance requirements. Meer informatie over Amazon Inspector
Ostorlab is a cloud-based vulnerability management platform designed to help businesses detect, monitor, and remediate risks across enterprises' external attack surfaces. Meer informatie over Ostorlab
Holm Security VMP helps customers identify vulnerabilities in their cyber security defenses covering both technical and human assets. Meer informatie over Holm Security VMP

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