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VisNetic MailFlow is an email management software designed to help businesses automatically route, track, and manage emails. Key features include real text search, ticket tracking, shared sessions management, email verification, contact management, custom routing rules, and reporting. Meer informatie over VisNetic MailFlow
Start saving tons of time and money by putting your lead generation on autopilot with just minutes of work. Generate huge lists of potential customers with a few clicks and get their email addresses so you can reach out to them. Meer informatie over Leads And CRM
As an end-to-end solution, EmailTree AI helps you automate email composition, increase email productivity, and trigger automatic actions in databases. Using NLP/NLU, Machine Learning and RPA techniques, spend less time on email and engage in more value-added activities. Meer informatie over Emailtree AI
With AcyMailing, website operators have the opportunity to personalize their newsletter and email campaigns via WordPress and Joomla. This extension offers tools for creating content based on templates to optimize marketing processes. Meer informatie over AcyMailing
Locaweb Email is a professional e-mail management solution, with which it is possible to maintain a company's own domain in the e-mail address and convey credibility to contacts. The tool also offers a control panel and a dynamic interface, that assists in monitoring the account. Meer informatie over Email Locaweb
Email Monster acts as a firewall for your email address. You never have to reveal your real email anymore. Meer informatie over Email Monster
Flexmail offers small and mid-sized enterprises and public administrations tools to simplify and enhance email marketing (EDM). Key features include a WYSIWYG editor, templates, segmentation, drip campaigns, contact list management, campaign & subscriber management, and CAN-SPAM compliance. Meer informatie over Flexmail
Hey is een e-mail-app waarmee je eenvoudig je e-mails kunt screenen door regels in te stellen voor wat een belangrijk bericht is en wat niet. Meer informatie over Hey
Sonian provides Hosted Email Archiving Software. Sonian Email Archive is the first hosted email archive solution created with grid computing infrastructure technologies. This means high reliability, and efficient use of computer hardware that allows us to pass the costs savings to our customers. Meer informatie over Sonian Email Archiving
E-mailvalidatie helpt het bereik en de bezorgpercentages van je e-mailmarketingcampagnes te verbeteren door te voorkomen dat e-mails naar Ongewenst-mappen worden gestuurd of worden geblokkeerd door een e-mailvalidatieservice. Deze software voorkomt dat je e-mails de door ISP's of je e-mailserviceprovider ingestelde drempels overschrijden, waardoor... Meer informatie over Email Validation
TowerData´s Email Append software uses a conservative matching algorithm to append emails, increase customer reach and improve the efficiency of email marketing campaigns. It ensures that email addresses are valid and 100% opt-in. Meer informatie over Email Append
ClientFlow is a client management solution which enables teams to collaborate and control client communications, manage client project tasks and track time, all on a single platform, with a shared inbox, project management and time tracking tools Meer informatie over ClientFlow
Helpmonks is a team email management solution which supports an intelligent collaborative email management approach by enabling users to control and prioritize team emails by assigning them. The platform is also designed to transform the team’s email inbox into a powerful sales tool. Meer informatie over Helpmonks
EmailDelivery.com is a cloud-based email marketing platform designed to simplify email automation, broadcasts, opt-in forms, segmentation, and more. The solution supports both transactional and marketing emails, and offers drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG and HTML editors for email personalization. Meer informatie over EmailDelivery.com
M365 Manager Plus is a reporting, auditing, monitoring, management, and security solution for Microsoft 365. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it helps users manage Exchange Online, Azure AD, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, and other services from a centralized dashboard. Meer informatie over M365 Manager Plus
NOVO CxP is a robotic process automation (RPA) solution, which helps businesses manage information exchange across emails, social networks, mobile applications, and other channels. The AI technology assists enterprises with implementing data conversion processes and self-learning content analysis. Meer informatie over NOVO CXP
Helps businesses or individuals manage a large quantity of emails. It helps identify and sort together related mail through the use of artificial intelligence and provides spam protection with a single click of your mouse. Meer informatie over Mailstrom
ATS Software for OST to PST Converter is a multi-talented and powerful professional Recovery tool that can easily and freely Export 30 email items from each OST folder to Outlook PST. Meer informatie over OST to PST Converter
Rediffmail Pro is an email management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes send and receive emails, authorize domains, securely store data, and more. It includes Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol, which helps administrators protect their domains from unauthorized use, and gain insights... Meer informatie over Rediffmail Pro
Everest is an email marketing platform, which helps businesses design, review, preview, optimize, manage and track campaigns. Administrators can resize, personalize and configure dashboards using a drag-and-drop interface to monitor email deliverability and engagement, among other metrics. Meer informatie over Everest
Automatically copy select email communications into your cloud storage. Emails and attachments auto-filed in per recipient folders for easy organized search and content management. Meer informatie over mxHERO for Legal QuickStart
JetSend is a transactional email management solution that allows businesses to send, track, and manage email campaigns. The platform also offers suppression list management with built-in compliance measures to ensure all communication are GDPR compliant. Meer informatie over JetSend
Mail Backup X is an email management software designed to help individuals and professionals across SMBs to run remote backups for data on mail clients or services including Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and Google Workspace, among others. Administrators can utilize the dashboard to receive alerts and notifications when mail backup is... Meer informatie over Mail Backup X
Mail Engine is designed with an emphasis on delivery and inboxing. It is a self-hosted autoresponder that cracks open the inboxing code. Meer informatie over Mail Engine
Email marketing and messaging software that connects directly to databases like PostgreSQL, Redshift, Airtable, Google Sheets + more. Once connected, users can query their user data *in place* (no syncing!) and message their customers with their query results. Meer informatie over Vero Connect
SmartEmailer by i2x allows users to email invoices, credits, statements, and tickets, along with their attachments, using a single-click function. Key features include response management, email monitoring, contact management, auto-forwarding, email redirecting, customization, and document sharing. Meer informatie over SmartEmailer by i2x
Levity facilitates process automation with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform is specifically designed for time-consuming tasks that require manual labor, such as categorizing digital data. Meer informatie over Levity
Developer friendly email designers and API build on top of Amazon SES Meer informatie over Emailkick
NEWSTROLL is a newsletter software whose functions support company email marketing campaigns. The tool enables the automatic integration of customer data, meets the requirements of the GDPR, and guarantees the highest possible deliverability. Meer informatie over NEWSTROLL
SpamTitan Plus is een antiphishing-oplossing die functies biedt als URL-inspectie, neutraliseren van kwaadaardige links, URL herschrijven, en time-of-click analyse. Meer informatie over SpamTitan Plus
500Mail is a sophisticated email client program that anybody may use to handle many email accounts on a single platform, 500Mail is available to use by anyone. Meer informatie over 500Mail
As a business, you are most likely to receive a lot of email queries on a day-to-day basis. QX MailerDesk helps users to organise, search and reply to large volumes of emails, simplifying management of key customer/vendor communications. ​ Meer informatie over QX MailerDesk
Shortwave is a Gmail email management software that helps users bring order to the chaos and actually enjoy their inbox. Meer informatie over Shortwave
The shared inboxes of Zoho TeamInbox helps users make group email conversations better and transparent within a team. Users can receive their emails here, chat on them with teams, assign owners for threads, co-author emails, and efficiently manage team and inbox. Meer informatie over Zoho TeamInbox
PstViewer Pro is a software to search, export, print, and share email stored in Outlook. The platform supports various file types including PST, OST, MSG, and EML Meer informatie over PstViewer Pro
MailArchiva is an email archiving, e-discovery, compliance, and forensics platform that assists in the retention, organization, and mining of email data. It is appropriate for both small and large businesses. It's available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution. Meer informatie over MailArchiva
Servermx is a secure email hosting service that provides encryption for confidential emails, optional Dropbox integration for easy file sharing and two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. Meer informatie over servermx
IntraHub is an interactive and transparent project management system that provides team organization, company communication, and document storage. IntraTime is a flexible time recording and invoicing module that allows users to define how your working hours are recorded and automatically creates individual invoices for every employee. The... Meer informatie over IntraHub
Birdsenger is een cloudgebaseerd marketingplatform dat is ontworpen om gebruikers te helpen hun e-mails te personaliseren en te automatiseren met functies zoals het importeren van leads, het creëren van lijsten en meer. Meer informatie over Birdsenger
Virto Alerts App is designed for Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint to send alerts, reminders, and notifications via email and build a flexible notification system on a SharePoint site. Meer informatie over Alerts and Reminders
MailHippo is the easiest way to securely send and receive sensitive information and attachments by email. All 100% HIPAA Compliant. Meer informatie over MailHippo
iQ.Suite aaS is a cloud-based enterprise email management and security solution for companies using Microsoft 365. It offers a comprehensive set of features including content-driven encryption, insider threat detection, wrong recipient protection, and more. iQ.Suite aaS offers malware and spam detection to minimize risk and secure emails from... Meer informatie over iQ.Suite aaS

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