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Managed services for your telecom needs
Visage delivers a robust device procurement solution, reduces telecom spend, improves cost allocation, and generates meaningful reporting in a fraction of the time it takes other TEMs. Meer informatie over MobilityCentral
Oplossingen voor het beheer van technologiekosten en registratie van oproepen
eXsight Call Accounting is een volledig geïntegreerde oplossing voor het beheer van technologiekosten en unified communications met optionele uitbestede managed services. Meer informatie over eXsight Call Accounting
Not Your Typical Wireless Expense Management Suite
Mobil-X Suite is a comprehensive set of Wireless Expense Management solutions designed to reduce costs and efficiently allocate resources across your entire mobile workforce. Its designed help small to large businesses manage resource allocation, expense tracking, data usage monitoring and more. Meer informatie over Mobil-X Suite
Zakelijke oplossing voor het beheer van mobiele apparaten.
Unduit Wireless is een zakelijke oplossing voor het beheer van mobiele apparaten die middelgrote tot grote ondernemingen helpt bij het beheren van het reparatieproces voor apparaten van werknemers. Unduit biedt reparatie-, recycling- en terugkoopservices die de levensduur van activa verlengen, de productiviteit verbeteren en downtime verminderen. Meer informatie over Unduit Wireless
Wireline, Wireless, WAN, Inventory & Invoice Management
Clearview is a web-based telecom & wireless expense, inventory and invoice management platform, derived from Valicom's 28+ years of telecom audit experience. Track voice, wireless and data in one central repository and at any time and access a la carte telecom management services. Meer informatie over Clearview
Beheer van telecom en draadloze kosten
Telecom Expense Management is een platform voor het beheer van vaste en draadloze gespreks- en gegevenskosten, inclusief middelenbeheer en inkoop. Meer informatie over Telecom Expense Management
Geïntegreerd beheer van vaste en mobiele telecomkosten
Via het Comview-beheer van telecomkosten met geïntegreerde draadloze mobiliteit en registratie van oproepen kunnen ondernemingen vanaf één enkel platform al het gebruik en middelen beheren. Meer informatie over Comview
Telecom expense management, consulting & support
Tangoe Telecom Expense Management software provides procurement management, best-in-class contract sourcing, asset expenses management, consulting, and more Meer informatie over Tangoe TEM
Technology expense management for voice, wireless & data
Network Control is a complete lifecycle telecom expense management solution that includes telecom ordering, provisioning, invoice processing, & more Meer informatie over Network Control
IT Spend Management from Procure-to-Pay
vManager is an IT spend management software designed to help multi-location companies gain control and visibility over their technology environment. Meer informatie over vManager
Web-based telecom expense management with wireless tracking
Sierra Gold by SAI is an online telecom expense management solution offering wireline and wireless usage visibility, asset tracking, network optimization and security features. Meer informatie over Sierra Gold
Enterprise mobility management software
MobileWare offers enterprise mobility management solutions which provide a cloud-based interface for organizations to manage mobile devices, with mobile lifecycle management, real-time utilization and charge data, wireless plan optimization, telecom expense management, device reporting, and more Meer informatie over MobileWare
Uitgavenbeheeroplossing voor IT en telecom
WinBill by TeleManagement Technologies is een oplossing voor telecomuitgavenbeheer die tools biedt voor het automatiseren van kostenprocessen, rapportage en budgetbeheer. Meer informatie over WinBill
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for SMEs
Kloudville is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for managing inventory, orders, customers, catalogs, pricing, billing, expenses, and more Meer informatie over Kloudville
Telecom expense management
Tellennium's Integrated Management System (TIMS) is a SaaS telecom expense management solution designed to help businesses within industries such as energy, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and professional services manage and control their recurring expenses and assets Meer informatie over TIMS
Cloud based accounting management software
Billingbooth is a cloud-based accounting software that helps in the management of billing and invoicing details of an organizations customers Meer informatie over Billingbooth
Telecom expense management solution for enterprises
WidePoint is a cloud-based telecom lifecycle management solution which assists midsize to large organizations with budgeting, volume purchasing, and payments. Its key features include contract negotiation, usage reporting, cost allocation, charge back tracking, invoice audit and vendor management. Meer informatie over WidePoint
IT management platform for businesses of all sizes
Genuity IT Admin Suite is a cloud-based platform which helps businesses generate actionable insights and streamline process workflows for IT departments. Key features include ticket management, network monitoring, asset performance tracking, and spend analysis. Meer informatie over Genuity IT Admin Suite