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Hypnobox is a digital solution to centralize the management of sales processes, allowing developers to organize the operations through a viewing panel that gathers all the data from each unit and allows the inclusion of booking lists. Meer informatie over Hypnobox
KundenMeister is a modular software package used to optimize CRM, ERP, and e-commerce as well as event- and project management processes. Its modules can be combined to support businesses with tasks, such as contact management, marketing, and inventory management. Meer informatie over KundenMeister
Kiskadi is a CRM retail solution designed with a module structure that supports integration with existing store systems. The tool organizes data and helps create customizable marketing campaigns based on the purchasing data of customers, according to LGPD. Meer informatie over Kiskadi
View Point is an omnichannel customer relationship management platform designed for telecom operators. It equips telecom businesses with customer knowledge for distinguished service management. Meer informatie over View Point
eServe platform offers travel and expense management solutions that automate and simplify the process of creating travel requests. The ecosystem is suitable from startups to medium and large enterprises. Admin can configure company travel policies, design approval workflows, and audit transactions. Meer informatie over eServe
SupplyMover is a purpose-built platform that is ready to roll. Quickly and easily gain access to cutting-edge tools that are revolutionizing distribution. Meer informatie over SupplyMover
Prepare your pre-sales to generate results. Sales teams armed with information meet goals. The sales flow is efficient and organized. Meer informatie over isoCRM
Daily AI is a customer relationship management software designed to help mortgage professionals manage marketing campaigns, automate sales, and regulate compliance. Key features include automated partner tracking, file storage, branch and team management, security review, voice calling, bulk email, and ringless voicemail. Meer informatie over Daily AI
Faktor-IBP is a cloud-based flexible management system for partner data and partner management. Meer informatie over Faktor-IBP
Donarius for Business is a lead management and customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage invoices, track interactions, and handle accounting, among other processes on a centralized platform. It enables team members to streamline sales processes, manage lead follow-ups, create customer profiles, and more. Meer informatie over Donarius for Business
Insurance Agents. Insurance Agencies. Insurance Agency. Independent P&C Agents. Captive Agents. Meer informatie over Automate365
1Centre is a trade-credit and client onboarding software. The platform is mobile friendly and helps build relationships with SME clients. Meer informatie over 1Centre
Avant Manager is a cloud-based solution for the integrated management of architecture and engineering offices. The system has an app accessible for Android and iOS operating systems. The software facilitates the economic, technical, and commercial management of projects, as well as their monitoring. Meer informatie over Avant Manager
Mission CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution designed to help Microsoft Dynamics 365 users streamline donor engagement and fundraising operations. It is built on a common data model (CDM) for nonprofits, that enables organizations to handle administrative tasks, gain an overall view of donors, and gain insights into user... Meer informatie over Mission CRM
Corestream allows employees to seamlessly access unlimited voluntary benefits through SSO. Through closed-loop administration, sponsors are able to consolidate all their deductions into a single payroll slot, deal only with one vendor, and pay one bill. Corestream has a SOC 2 Type 2 attestation. Meer informatie over Corestream
SalesBuilder CRM captures and nurtures prospects, manages recorded sales, tracks option selections, and generates contracts. Meer informatie over SalesBuilder CRM
Cloud-first ERP for fast-growing life science manufacturers in pre-clinical and clinical stage. Designed to be the first and last solution you’ll need. It advances Dynamics 365 to deliver quality, procurement, materials management, production, and compliance, etc. for biotech, pharma and med device. Meer informatie over Merit for Life Science
Wavity CRM helps businesses enhance customer experiences using real-time analytics and a cloud-based platform. The solution includes built-in collaboration capabilities and a robotic process automation tool. Meer informatie over Wavity CRM
CRM Acttiva is a web application that drives a company's sales, strengthening relationships with the customer through marketing campaigns and active communication. The application features a dashboard with real-time progress graphs, and it uses an Android app to manage tasks. Meer informatie over CRM Acttiva
CRM en Linea is a cloud-based tool that improves sales and marketing revenues, reinforcing the relationship with the customer with contact via voice messages, SMS, or emails. The program includes the capability to host a virtual store and a payment gateway. It also generates budgets, statistics, etc. Meer informatie over CRM en Linea
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a collaborative sales engagement solution that helps connect sellers with customers through their preferred communication channels. Meer informatie over Dynamics 365 Sales
Increase the sale folds of your business and get covered all your business features and requirements with variable software CRM. Meer informatie over Variablesoft CRM
Biz is an all-in-one integrated SaaS operating platform. With Biz, users can digitize their business, streamline their workflow and centralize their data allowing them to access their most essential business operations in a single platform. Meer informatie over BizApp
IRIUM SOFTWARE provides ERP solutions dedicated exclusively to dealers, distributors, repair agents, rental companies and importers of equipment in the agricultural machinery, public works, handling, heavy goods vehicle and recreational motorbike sectors. Meer informatie over Irium-software
PM II RENT is a software tool that assists rental companies with inventory management, contact storage, order handling, and more. Meer informatie over PM II RENT
PM II BASIC is a hybrid enterprise resource planning software that includes management of orders, contacts, projects, documents & more. Meer informatie over PM II Basic
MAP.CRM is a web-based software solution for customer relationship management & sales-force automation helping you manage all your leads, prospects & opportunities. Meer informatie over MAP.CRM
effitrac CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform that helps businesses track, analyze and manage the total leads, calls, events and tasks on a weekly basis. The application comes with an advanced dashboard, which enables users to track the performance of their campaigns and other marketing efforts via reporting. Meer informatie over effitrac CRM
NETContact is a web-based contact management platform that allows retirement homes to quickly access new resident information without having to enter basic data for each admission. The centralized platform allows administrators to ensure automatic management of applications, fluid communication between team members, and to benefit from quantified... Meer informatie over NETContact
senegalCRM is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses manage clients, track leads, and automate processes across the sales pipeline. Administrators can create custom workflows to automate time-consuming tasks such as managing emails and contact information. Meer informatie over senegalCRM
A hotel CRM system that enables hotels to construct pre-defined market segments to more effectively target the proper audience for marketing initiatives. Meer informatie over Hotel CRM
Drop Delivery is the cannabis industry’s first and only all-in-one delivery management platform, with compliance reporting. Meer informatie over Drop Delivery
Averox Sales CRM is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage their sales pipeline and marketing leads more effectively, through real-time updates and analytics. Meer informatie over Averox Sales CRM
Answer client questions, make calls based on when they are up for renewal and track what they are doing with any web-connected device. Meer informatie over AgencySmart
inConcert Marketing Automation & CRM More leads, more sales, more control Integrate marketing and sales processes: automate sales, build a smart and integrated omnichannel pipeline and convert qualified leads into business opportunities. Meer informatie over InConcert Marketing Automation & CRM
Fitfactory CRM enables manufacturing SMEs to build strong customer relationships and share live work-order status with customers Meer informatie over Fitfactory CRM
Jigawatt is a sales and management solution for solar companies. Meer informatie over Jigawatt
Fireside is an all-in-one constituent management platform. The fully integrated software connects all of your data so that your CRM, website, and outreach initiatives are all in sync. You won't need to toggle between platforms, not even for emails or newsletters. Meer informatie over Fireside
StaffNet is made with deskless and remote teams in mind. Employees can take work wherever they go. Avoid any hiccups and mixups by clearly defining the job within the scheduled event and employees can do the rest and get to work! Meer informatie over StaffNet
Djaboo is an all-in-one CRM that allows small businesses to develop their business without multiplying applications. Djaboo helps you to increase your turnover by improving productivity and customer relationship management of your company. Don't waste any more time. Meer informatie over Djaboo
mloflo is a cloud-based CRM platform that helps real estate businesses manage leads, email marketing, sales pipeline, reporting, and more. The only mortgage CRM on the market that not only makes your business more efficient, but shows you specific actions to take to grow your referrals and nurture your network. Meer informatie over mloflo
EntreTEK is an on-premise and cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to lead capturing, reputation management, online booking, and more on a centralized platform. The mobile CRM allows sales representatives to remotely access customer data, create notes, manage tasks, generate... Meer informatie over EntreTEK

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