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Whistleblower Software is software voor compliance management waarmee accountants en advocaten op een uniform dashboard cliënten kunnen onboarden en zaken kunnen beheren. Informanten kunnen onethische of illegale incidenten die zich op een werkplek voordoen anoniem melden, rapportstatussen volgen en herstelacties volgen. Meer informatie over Whistleblower Software
AllVoices is an employee feedback management platform, which encourages employees to anonymously share feedback, ask questions and report workplace harassment, bullying, bias, compliance, or other issues through a messaging portal to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization. Meer informatie over AllVoices
incy.io | Whistleblowing is een meertalige webgebaseerde oplossing voor incidentrapportage die is ontworpen voor bedrijven in verschillende sectoren, waaronder onderwijs, detailhandel, transport, energie, horeca, facilitair beheer, automobielindustrie en productie. Meer informatie over incy.io | Whistleblowing
Een eenvoudige en snelle oplossing voor klokkenluiders en anonieme rapportage. Het werkt vanuit je Jira of Confluence en maakt gebruik van reeds geconfigureerde accounts, beveiligingsgroepen, integraties en end-to-end gegevensverwerking. Meer informatie over Whistle Willow
FaceUp is a whistleblowing platform through which anyone can open up anonymously about any issues or suggest ideas for improvement when something feels off. More than 2,000 organizations are already using FaceUp. Meer informatie over FaceUp
GlobaLeaks helps organizations create, launch, and manage whistleblowing platforms to anonymously capture information about issues related to theft, fraud, corruption, money laundering, and other unethical activities. Administrators can manage multiple websites and categorize reports using labels. Meer informatie over GlobaLeaks
OpenBlow is a web-based software that is designed for public administration, healthcare organizations, banks, and universities. It enables staff members to report frauds, irregular conducts, and other offenses without retaliation from superiors, colleagues, and business leaders. Meer informatie over OpenBlow
OneTrust is a whistleblowing software designed to help HR, legal, and ethics teams manage privacy, risks, data governance, and compliance on a unified interface. It enables managers to build compliance plans, automate data privacy impact assessments (DPIAs), and manage redacted documents. Meer informatie over OneTrust
WeMoral is a whistleblowing solution designed to help encourage and gather anonymous feedback, securely store records, and manage incidents in your company. Meer informatie over WeMoral
The simple, secure and easy to implement saas whistleblowing channel for the small and medium enterprise Meer informatie over ithikios
EQS Integrity Line is an integrated risk management software designed to help businesses manage cases regarding unethical behavior and misconduct across workplaces. The platform enables whistleblowers to anonymously report and communicate with legal teams on details related to incidents. Meer informatie over EQS Integrity Line
Spot is a cloud-based whistleblowing software that helps organizations design custom workflows to manage sensitive issues and streamline communication between HR teams and staff members. Features include single sign-on, case management, multi-language, trend analysis, and pattern detection. Meer informatie over Spot
My Whistleblowing is a SaaS software used by companies and law firms to manage reports of illicits in a simple and effective way, in compliance with SOX and the EU Directive and the GDPR. Meer informatie over My Whistleblowing
A platform for organizations to conduct ongoing sanction & exclusion screening and license/credential monitoring. Meer informatie over SanctionCheck
More timely, actionable intake reports from an app that combines A.I. and subject matter expertise in elicitation interviews, investigations and intelligence gathering to guide users through a digitized expert interview that uncovers more precise, actionable report details. Meer informatie over Intelligent Intake App
A unified case management platform designed for managing incoming ethics, compliance, and misconduct reports coming in from multiple avenues such as hotline reports, webforms, phone text reports, and more. Meer informatie over MyCM
Canary Whistleblowing System is a fraud detection tool that helps businesses identify and manage incidents, such as bribery, corruption, abuse, theft, blackmail, and more on a centralized platform. Staff members can report cases in multiple languages, including English, French, Thai, and Vietnamese. Meer informatie over Canary Whistleblowing System
Whispli is a whistleblowing software, which enables businesses to interact with employees anonymously via various communication channels such as phone, email, live chat, SMS, and more. Administrators can use the centralized dashboard to configure permissions for partners to access issues or cases. Meer informatie over Whispli
Ethicontrol is a whistleblowing platform designed to help SMEs discover, investigate, react to, and remediate incidents through a centralized dashboard. Informers can anonymously share incident-related details via toll-free phone calls, live chat, email, chat bots, and company hotline portals. Meer informatie over Ethicontrol
Suggestion Ox helps government agencies, associations, and other organizations create, deploy, and manage online suggestion boxes. The platform allows businesses to personalize the interface using custom logos, colors, images, and other attributes to establish brand identity. Meer informatie over Suggestion Ox
Vault Platform is a whistleblowing software designed to help legal, compliance and HR professionals record and manage misconducts across the organization. Whistleblowers can report the incident anonymously, individually, or in groups to relevant case managers. Meer informatie over Vault Platform
ICO Whistleblowing is a whistleblowing software designed to help businesses in manufacturing, finance, government, and other sectors monitor and investigate unethical and illegal acts. The platform enables informants to anonymously report the incident, and request validation from relevant personnel. Meer informatie over ICO Whistleblowing
Vispato is a modern, secure, and anonymous whistleblowing system that will protect your company from wrongdoing. Meer informatie over Vispato
hintcatcher is a digital whistleblowing system that allows you to set up an internal reporting office for misconduct reporting with just a few clicks. It lets you easily set up an internal reporting point for anonymous misconduct reporting and offers an easy-to-use reporting form for whistleblowers. Meer informatie over hintcatcher
EasyWhistle is a suitable whistleblowing software for companies and organizations of all sizes - including those that are not required by the applicable law to implement an internal reporting channel for reporting abuse and suspected misconduct. Meer informatie over EasyWhistle

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