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Maak kennis met Salesforce Marketing Cloud, de toonaangevende marketingoplossing om de betrokkenheid van elke consument te vergroten. Meer informatie over Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Data management platform for marketers and publishers
Lotame is a data management platform that helps marketers, publishers, and agencies collect customers’ data to optimize audience segments and campaign targeting processes. The solution allows managers to analyze users’ behavior using machine learning algorithms to reach performance goals. Meer informatie over Lotame
Data management platform for executing ETL and ELT workflows
SAS Data Management is designed to help organizations access, edit, and visualize business data across various cloud platforms and legacy systems. It allows businesses to execute extract, transform, load (ETL) and extract, load, transform (ELT) workflows and configure metadata functions. Meer informatie over SAS Data Management
Campaign and data management platform
The Trade Desk is a data management platform that helps advertisers handle operations related to audience mapping, cross-device targeting, video advertising, and more on a centralized platform. It allows team members to conduct lookalike modeling, data element reporting, and audience segmentation. Meer informatie over theTradeDesk
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K2View Data Fabric is een nieuwe benadering van gegevensbeheer die gegevens in microdatabases absorbeert, transformeert, verrijkt, orkestreert en beveiligt. Meer informatie over K2View
Data cloud platform that delivers self-service analytics
Cloudera is an enterprise data cloud platform designed to help businesses in financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, technology, insurance, healthcare, public sector, education, energy, and utilities use self-service analytics across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Meer informatie over Cloudera Enterprise
Data management platform (DMP) for marketing professionals
MediaMath is a digital advertising platform designed to help marketing teams handle advertising data, audience segmentation, and programmatic marketing. It allows businesses to create, launch, and manage marketing campaigns and identify prospects across various online platforms and device types. Meer informatie over MediaMath
Data management platform for marketing
Oracle BlueKai is a cloud-based big data platform which enables marketing organizations to personalize online, offline, and mobile marketing campaigns with richer and more actionable information about targeted audiences. Meer informatie over Oracle Data Management Platform
Data management platform for publishers
Permutive DMP is a data management software that helps publishers collect contextual data from multiple sources across the website such as product listings, sign-up funnels, search filters, and more to analyze user’s behavior. Businesses can track total page views to gain first-party insights. Meer informatie over Permutive DMP
Data management platform for eCommerce businesses
OnAudience DMP is a data management platform that helps businesses of all sizes collect users’ behavior data from various sources including mobile applications and websites to optimize digital campaigns. The software allows managers to create custom segments and reach targeted audiences. Meer informatie over OnAudience DMP
Data handled. Engagement automated. Marketers liberated.
Mapp Cloud is a digital marketing platform that harnesses the power of your data, providing a 360° customer view coupled with actionable insights and campaign orchestration tools to effectively reach each individual customer. Meer informatie over Mapp Cloud


Inteligência de Dados para Marketing
Plataforma de inteligência de dados que ajuda empresas a conhecer melhor seus clientes e se comunicar melhor com eles, tudo isso em compliance com a LGPD. Meer informatie over Tail
Data management platform for handling advertising campaigns
Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) is designed to help businesses manage customer data across multiple channels to enhance customer experience and marketing performance. It lets organizations automatically categorize audiences into various segments based on demographics, geography, and behavior. Meer informatie over Nielsen DMP


Advertising and data management platform (DMP) for agencies
Amobee is a cloud-based advertising and data management platform (DMP) designed to help businesses unify data across TV, social and digital channels to orchestrate campaigns and improve brand experience among customers. Meer informatie over Amobee
Data management platform for handling advertising campaigns
Admixer.DMP is designed to help organizations capture and store customer and campaign data such as cookie IDs, mobile identifiers, and more in a centralized repository. It enables advertisers to build customer segments and track their performance based on demographic data and past browsing behavior. Meer informatie over Admixer.DMP
Data management and integration platform
Cohelion is an all-in-one data solution with an integrated set of features for data integration, data loading and master data management. Meer informatie over Cohelion Data Platform