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Een gebruiksvriendelijke cloudgebaseerde PLM-oplossing die is afgestemd op mode-, accessoire-, schoenen- en lifestylebedrijven. Met Delogue PLM kunnen alle belanghebbenden in productontwikkeling efficiënter werken, waardoor de creativiteit wordt verbeterd, fouten en kosten worden verminderd en tegelijkertijd de marges en de time-to-market worden... Meer informatie over Delogue PLM
Adobe Illustrator CC is industriestandaard software in vectortekenprogramma's en toepassingen voor digitale graphics in print, web, apps en video-animaties. Meer informatie over Adobe Illustrator
CoreIDRAW is software voor grafische vormgeving, waarmee gebruikers professionele ontwerpen kunnen maken met vectorillustraties, lay-out, fotobewerking, typografie, sjabloontools en meer. Met CoreIDRAW kunnen gebruikers via de web-app illustraties, webafbeeldingen en prints in de cloud maken, openen en opslaan. Meer informatie over CorelDRAW
Werk effectiever samen en neem weloverwogen beslissingen met Bluescape, een veilige visuele samenwerkingsoplossing. Krijg flexibele virtuele werkruimten, krachtige whiteboarding, slimme videoconferenties, annotaties en tekentools, aanpasbare sjablonen en eenvoudig delen van bestanden. Meer informatie over Bluescape
PatternSmith is an on-premise apparel management platform, which helps small to large businesses in food and beverage, retail, fashion, manufacturing, home furnishings, and other sectors draft, edit, organize, and categorize design patterns. The software provides various functionality including barcode scanning, nesting, pre-made templates, width... Meer informatie over PatternSmith
This uninhibited free-form 3D modeling tool allows users to create designs quickly while maintaining accuracy and measurements. Meer informatie over Rhino 7
Backbone helps the industry's leading fashion brands turn design into product - smarter, faster, and at scale. Features include unlimited custom fields, line sheets, tech pack creator, image annotator, BOM, interconnected libraries, palettes-swatches, reports, and much more. Try it for free today! Meer informatie over Backbone
AIMS360 is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor bedrijfsmanagement die is ontworpen om fabrikanten, importeurs, groothandels en distributeurs in de modesector te helpen bij het beheren van de volledige levenscyclus van het product: productie, voorraadbeheer, voorraadtoewijzing, orderverwerking, verzending en facturering. Meer informatie over AIMS360
PolyPM is an integrated PLM and ERP technology solution. Customized to your needs, PolyPM manages all of your business processes from start to finish. Meer informatie over PolyPM
ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a diagramming software that allows users to create diagrams, flowcharts, and other types of drawings. It is designed for business and engineering professionals who need to create diagrams and other visual representations of their ideas. Meer informatie over ConceptDraw DIAGRAM
BlueCherry is een ERP- en PLM-oplossing die mode- en lifestylemerken een reeks tools biedt waaronder omni-channel planning, productie, winkelvloercontrole, logistiekbeheer en meer. Meer informatie over BlueCherry
Sync is een geïntegreerd software-systeem voor PLM en ERP die speciaal is ontworpen voor de kleding- en schoenensector. Meer informatie over Sync
Eagle is the most cost-efficient digital asset management tool built for small teams and designers. Streamline repetitive work and your digital assets across multiple devices and online platforms, save time, and focus on creating fun and meaningful work for your business. Meer informatie over Eagle
ParagonERP is a full-featured, cloud-based ERP system designed to help SMBs handle their daily operations - from order and inventory management, to advanced supply chain, manufacturing, BI, and more. Connect e-commerce & accounting operations with integrations to Amazon, Shopify and QBO, too. Meer informatie over ParagonERP
Audaces 360 is a complete solution for fashion design, development & production made of 7 softwares. From the planning of the collection to the design and from the development of the pattern to its grading and automatic nesting. Ready for the cutting machine and assembly. Meer informatie over Audaces 360
N41 Apparel ERP is the solution for apparel brands looking for a complete end-to-end tool to streamline their apparel inventory management processes. Fashion brands can use the ERP solution to handle apparel inventory management and shop floor control. Meer informatie over N41
Indigo8 is an all-in-one operations and inventory management solution for businesses within the fashion and apparel industry. With several solutions covering design, production, wholesale, retail, and eCommerce, Indigo8 aims to help brands manage their entire end-to-end workflow on one platform. Meer informatie over Indigo8
Exenta from Aptean is the premiere fashion supply chain software provider serving the apparel and soft goods industry. Meet and exceed your customer demands with ERP, PLM, SFC, Aptean Pay, and other software. Meer informatie over Exenta
A2000 is an ORACLE ERP SaaS platform designed for the Apparel, Fashion Footwear, Accessories and Consumer Products industries. This ERP is a B2B and B2C Connectivity Hub complete with over 500 pre-built connections to warehouses, ecom, banks, and retailers. Meer informatie over A2000
The Comprehensiv ERP Apparel & Footwear Enterprise Software provides a wide range of features, such as inventory management, sales order processing, billing, credit management and many more. Meer informatie over COMPREHENSIV ERP
PatternDESIGNER is a web-based pattern-making software designed to help businesses in the fashion industry facilitate communication across departments and automate product configuration for customized garments. It lets teams configure the application interface on multiple monitors to gain clarity throughout the production workflow. Meer informatie over PatternDESIGNER
CREACOMPO 2 is a 3D CAD platform that has applications for pattern making, virtual muslin making, grading, and marker making. You can enjoy continuously up-to-date improvements with its Cloud Service and also affordable price. It offers various features such as 3D design and modeling, fabric consumption estimation, pattern matching, and more. Meer informatie over CREACOMPO 2
Okkular is a product discovery platform designed to help businesses in the retail industry leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide personalized shopping experiences for customers. Teams can optimize meta tags to improve search engine optimization (SEO) rankings by describing products based on clients'... Meer informatie over Okkular
Brikl is a cloud-based e-commerce and 3D customization platform designed to counter the chaos, cost and effort involved in selling custom products. Meer informatie over Brikl
RLM Apparel Software is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool designed to help businesses manage products and streamline eCommerce operations. Supervisors can track production or delivery dates on a calendar, maintain a record of product specifications, and streamline communication with vendors. Meer informatie over RLM Apparel Software
Looklet helps fashion retailers create high-quality product images without the need for elaborate photoshoots or models. Meer informatie over Looklet
3DLOOK’s YourFit is the first and only solution that offers virtual try-on functionality combined with highly accurate, data-driven size recommendations. Meer informatie over YourFit
Digital Fashion Pro is an on-premise fashion designing software, which helps industrial designers, clothing lines, and institutions create clothing sketches with multiple custom templates, digital fabrics or textures, apparel effects, model poses, and stitch stimulations. Meer informatie over Digital Fashion Pro

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