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Retail VR is een SaaS-platform waarmee bedrijven de verkoop kunnen stimuleren met virtuele en augmented reality en de toegang tot 3D vereenvoudigen. Meer informatie over Retail VR
3D Cloud is een 3D-platform voor ondernemingen dat detailhandelaars helpt bij het bouwen, implementeren en beheren van content voor verschillende producten. Meer informatie over 3D Cloud by Marxent
Prospect by IrisVR is a cloud-based virtual reality (VR) software, which helps educational institutes and architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) businesses design and implement 3D environments for training, demonstration, or product prototyping. Meer informatie over IrisVR Suite
Unity is a game development software designed to help businesses build and deploy 2D, 3D, and virtual reality (VR) applications across various platforms. It offers a visual scripting plugin, which enables administrators to conceptualize actions for games on a unified interface. Meer informatie over Unity
LiveTour van iStaging is een meeslepende virtuele tourmaker die elke ruimte in 360° VR kan vastleggen, voor presentaties aan potentiële klanten, gasten of kopers. Meer informatie over VR Maker
With CloudPano, you can create 360 virtual tours that showcase your property in full 360 and VR. Whether you're marketing a hotel room or a new home, CloudPano makes it easy to create beautiful, immersive experiences for your customers. Meer informatie over CloudPano
Concept3D is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die organisaties op bedrijfsniveau helpt bij het creëren van 3D-kaarten en virtuele ervaringen om de betrokkenheid bij bezoekers en klanten te verbeteren. Functies zijn onder meer ruimteplanning, contentbeheer, bewegwijzering, virtuele betrokkenheid, 3D-weergave en gegevensvisualisatie. Meer informatie over Concept3D
Pano2VR is a software platform that converts panoramic or 360° photos/videos into interactive, virtual experiences. These virtual experiences can run on any modern browser, integrated with existing websites, and viewed via virtual reality devices. Meer informatie over Pano2VR
CenarioVR is virtual reality-software die organisaties helpt bij het creëren en distribueren van op VR gebaseerde trainings- en leercursussen. Met de tool voor 3D-objecten en modellering kunnen trainers objecten toevoegen, roteren, positioneren en animeren in GLB-bestandsindeling. Meer informatie over CenarioVR
Cupix is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die is ontworpen om fotografen, makelaars, architecten en ingenieurs te helpen bij het maken van 3D-tours. Met het platform kunnen gebruikers ongewenste afbeeldingsgebieden vervagen, kleurtinten aanpassen en virtuele tours publiceren op Google Maps. Meer informatie over Cupix
Must is an All-in-one B2B Metaverse platform to manage your DBE (Digital Business Ecosystem), community, and host events. Our AI powered metaverse offers an immersive experience to your community and enable to connect, matchmake, network, collaborate, exhibit and achieve profitable deals. Meer informatie over Must
Powertrak CPQ is a quoting, guided selling and ordering solution that offers 2D & 3D product configurations with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Meer informatie over Powertrak CPQ Software Suite
PaleBlue is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing die bedrijven van elke omvang helpt bij het beheren van trainingsprocessen en het stroomlijnen van workflows met behulp van augmented, virtual reality en 3D-simulaties, waardoor gebruikers 3D-modellen uit meerdere CAD-bronnen kunnen importeren om automatisch ontwerpen te optimaliseren. Meer informatie over PaleBlue
Viar360 is a content authoring and publishing platform, which helps businesses create, conduct, and manage virtual training and learning programs. Organizations can use interactive virtual sessions to onboard new hires, convey their mission, and provide a realistic experience of work culture. Meer informatie over Viar360
VR-Suite is a platform that help organizations create VR presentations in 360 degrees. Users have the ability to combine videos and pictures to an interactive presentation. Additionally, multimedia slideshows, 3D objects, and sounds can be embedded into the presentation. Meer informatie over VR-Suite
CRYENGINE offers users in the games industry the opportunity to develop software at a high level. The software is characterized by a powerful rendering engine that facilitates results of high visual quality on PC and popular console platforms. Meer informatie over CRYENGINE
BRIOXR is a cloud-based virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D product visualization solution which allows users to showcase their standard & 360 videos. The codeless, drag-and-drop platform allows users to customize their content experiences with animations, triggers & clickable links. Meer informatie over BrioXR
Breakroom is een Metaverse-platform voor samenwerking, netwerken, en evenementen op afstand waarmee mensen overal en op elk apparaat verbinding kunnen maken en op afstand kunnen deelnemen aan een merkeigen 3D virtuele ruimte. Meer informatie over Breakroom
Our VR & AR platform is designed to help employees in the aviation, automotive, pharma and biotech industry as well as logistic and warehouses and many more to get the most out of training employees. Meer informatie over 3spin Dream
VRED, short for "Virtual Reality Environment Design", is 3D visualization software for automotive designers and automotive engineers. VRED lets users create new designs quickly and effectively in a virtual workspace. Meer informatie over VRED
Trezi is a virtual reality product designed for the building industry; serving architects, interior designers, building owners, and building product manufacturers/suppliers. Users have the ability to create virtual designs through project collaboration through a virtual, immersive environment. Meer informatie over Trezi
Vuforia is a suite of augmented reality (AR) platforms, which enable businesses in aerospace, automotive, retail, electronics, manufacturing and other industries to manage processes such as remote assistance, employee training, marketing, course creation, and more. Experts can draw digital annotations on desktop or mobile screens to provide... Meer informatie over Vuforia
Viewit3D is een alles-in-één oplossing voor AR- (Augmented Reality) en 3D-productvisualisatie. Belangrijkste functies van Viewit3D: - 3D-modellen aanvragen en beheren; - productscène aanpassen; - 3D-ervaring op elk kanaal publiceren; - bijhouden van weergaven en gebruiksstatistieken. Meer informatie over Viewit3d
Peek is a virtual tour solution for multi-family property leasing, which provides features such as interactive content, immersive environment, an activity dashboard, floor plans and maps, and virtual staging. Meer informatie over Peek
MAKAR is a virtual reality (VR) software designed to help businesses create and share augmented and virtual reality experiences on a unified platform. The AR module enables advertising and marketing agencies to create point collection, contest cards, and flashcards using built-in templates. Meer informatie over MAKAR
VR-Design Studio is VR (Virtual Reality)-, simulatie- en modelleringssoftware die is ontworpen om onderzoeksorganisaties, voertuigfabrikanten, planologen en transportautoriteiten te helpen bij het maken van 3D-modellen van de gebouwde omgeving. Meer informatie over VR-Design Studio
Nuspace is a 3D meeting platform designed to help businesses across various industry verticals facilitate team collaboration using augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Built with state-of-the-art modeling techniques, it lets users analyze collaborative data at all stages of the value chain. Meer informatie over Nuspace
Developed by tarakos, taraVRbuilder is a 3D-simulation software package for production and logistics systems. The application is aimed at users without any programming experience. The software can help streamline tasks for businesses in the industry 4.0 sector. Meer informatie over taraVRbuilder
realworld one is a VR solution designed to help businesses in the pharmaceutical, chemical, life sciences, and other sectors create and share virtual reality and augmented reality content. It can be used for presentations, training courses, and illustration of various concepts related to marketing, customer service, and research and development,... Meer informatie over realworld one
PlayCanvas is a WebGL game development platform, which helps businesses in AR/VR, advertising, and other industries build HTML5 games and visualizations with live updates across multiple devices. Managers can search or filter asset collections according to requirements, set up image-based lighting, and utilize the in-app visual profiler to display... Meer informatie over PlayCanvas
Train remotely and cost-effectively with TrainBeyond. A cross-device training platform. Benefit from a well-prepared workforce, an improved workplace safety, and fewer accidents. Meer informatie over TrainBeyond
Virtual reality software that helps consumer goods companies and retailers design, test, and implement in-store retail solutions. Meer informatie over ReadySet
Industry XR is an immersive virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) application management solution for Industry 4.0 and innovative training coordination tool with cross-platform features. Meer informatie over Industry XR
Enklu is an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) platform designed to help businesses create, manage, operate, and distribute spatial 3D simulations and applications. Users can create prototypes of new layouts, share animated spatial concepts, upload assets, build interactive scenarios, and publish them across devices. Meer informatie over Enklu
Present your company and your products in an individual digital showroom. Use ready-made templates or produce a customized design with the rooom self service platform. Integrate your products in 3D & AR and invite your customers into your digital experience world - simply via mobile or desktop. Meer informatie over 3D Space Viewer
Holoride allows car manufacturers an opportunity to present passengers with VR entertainment. The software uses real-time vehicle data to dynamically adapt VR experiences, thus making it more interesting. For example, the application incorporates driving dynamics. Meer informatie over holoride
TilesView is a 3D visualization solution that helps users visualize designs by selecting and laying various tiles on walls and floors. Meer informatie over TilesView
Warp VR is een online platform om interactieve story based virtual reality video’s voor trainingsdoeleinden te maken, distribueren en analyseren. Na publicatie op mobiele VR-platformen kunnen de video’s bekeken worden met VR-sets. De software bestaat uit de webapplicatie en een mobiele app. Meer informatie over Warp VR
The Wild is een platform voor samenwerking in VR (Virtual Reality) waarmee bedrijven in de architectuur-, engineering- en bouwsector bouwprojecten kunnen presenteren en beoordelen. Medewerkers krijgen toegang tot content van verschillende multifunctionele platforms, waaronder Meta Quest, HP Reverb, Pico Neo, HTC Vive en meer. Meer informatie over The Wild
Patchwork 3D is a software that allows users to take control on their CAD models and enhance them to present their final product. Sews, enhances bodywork, configures animations, creates product variants, realistic materials, light sources and applies them to models. Meer informatie over Patchwork 3D
Create better VR content faster with VR Builder! Maximize productivity and outcome when creating VR apps in Unity. NO programming is required. VR Builder is open source and can be extended by code. Meer informatie over VR Builder
Create your own digital thread with Fabrik Meer informatie over Fabrik
Iconic Engine’s Metaverse Engin is a SaaS solution that empowers brands to create their own metaverse for customer engagement. The metaverse is the next phase of the internet to build direct communications with customers and create new revenue streams. Meer informatie over Metaverse Engine

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