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Oplossing voor desktopbeheer voor IT-teams
SmartDeploy's unieke gelaagde aanpak maakt single-image management van Windows en applicaties mogelijk. Meer informatie over SmartDeploy
Data protection and disaster recovery for PC and Laptops.
Aomei Backupper is a free backup solution that can backup, recovery, clone, and sync data and files on both personal/businesses Windows PC and Windows Server. Meer informatie over Aomei Backupper
Automatic backup & recovery software for computers & servers
Handy Backup is an automatic backup and recovery solution designed to help individuals and businesses automate the processes for server backup, restoration, activity logging, data encryption, and more. It lets users control backup operations by specifying them into various differential backup types. Meer informatie over Handy Backup
Disk imaging solution for Windows deployment & migration
smartImager is a disk imaging solution which enables organizations of all sizes to automate processes related to the configuration, patching, administration, deployment, and migration of Windows operating systems across multiple workstations and environments. Meer informatie over smartImager
Disk imaging-oplossing voor kleine tot grote bedrijven.
Drive SnapShot is een schijfimage-oplossing die kleine tot grote bedrijven helpt bij het maken van back-ups van afbeeldingsbestanden, en het in realtime herstellen van harde schijfgegevens. De belangrijkste functies omvatten volgen van status, back-up-planning, prestatiestatistieken, beeldverificatie en gegevensherstel. Meer informatie over Drive SnapShot
Disk imaging solution for data recovery
DeepSpar Disk Imager is a solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage processes related to recovering data from damaged storage drives. The platform uses different algorithms to diagnose multiple sectors of a drive and recover critical information. Meer informatie over DeepSpar Disk Imager


Disk space management tool for handling data storage systems
TreeSize is a disk space management software designed to help organizations view, organize and manage storage systems and visualize the usage of storage capacities. The application allows administrators to automate workflows, schedule disk scans, and view the size of all folders and subfolders via a unified platform. Meer informatie over TreeSize
Disk imaging software for managing disk partitions
AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is a Windows-based disk imaging software that helps businesses create, format, merge, delete, split, and manage disk partitions from within a centralized platform. It enables staff members can increase the sizes of specific partitions by allocating and reallocating free spaces based on individual preferences. Meer informatie over AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional
Data recovery software for macOS X and Windows
Disk Drill is a data recovery software designed to help Windows and Mac OS users recover deleted files and access external USB drives or camera cards. It lets individuals recover folders or files of all formats using multiple recovery methods. Meer informatie over Disk Drill


On-premise disc imaging and image processing tool
PowerISO is a disk imaging and image processing software that provides businesses with tools to extract, burn, compress, encrypt, and mount ISO or BIN files according to requirements. Supervisors can use the direct access archive (DAA) file format to compress raw CD/DVD data and prevent unauthorized access with the password protection... Meer informatie over PowerISO