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Claims processing solution for non-life and life insurers
AdInsure is a cloud-based and on-premise standard insurance solution designed to help medium to large businesses in the insurance industry automate operations related to claims processing & recovering, accounting, policy management, and product configuration. Meer informatie over AdInsure
Oplossing voor het beheer van verzekeringsmaatschappijen.
Jenesis Software is een oplossing voor het beheer van verzekeringsmaatschappijen die onafhankelijke bureaus helpt potentiële prospects te bereiken, klanten te beheren en relaties met polishouders te verbeteren. Belangrijke functies omvatten documentbeheer, annuleringstracking, verlengingsbeheer en marketing automation. Meer informatie over Jenesis Software
Agency management software for insurance firms of all sizes
Eclipse is a cloud-based agency management software designed to help small to large insurance firms manage policies, customers, claims, documentation, accounting and reporting. The platform enables users to process company, as well as producer commissions and financial transactions. Meer informatie over Eclipse
Insurance management for agencies & insurance brokers
mPACS provides a complete solution for insurance agency management Meer informatie over mPACS
Policy admin system for insurance brokers and agents
Insly is a cloud-based system for insurance agents and brokers that simplifies policy admin, reporting, invoicing and claims management. Meer informatie over Insly
Enabling Innovations Globally
i2go is our best-of-breed All-In-One Insurance Suite that helps you manage your entire Insurance business. Our powerful application enables current and upcoming InsureTech trends to be utilised on your products, empowering you to remain ahead of the competition. Meer informatie over i2go
End-to-end insurance broking platform
SIBRO is an end-to-end software for insurance brokers, insurance agents, and insurance broking companies, with complete policy cycle, prospect, and claims management. The software is responsive, and is compatible with tablet, mobile and desktop. Meer informatie over SIBRO
Insurance agency management system
Velocity is a SaaS or on-premise insurance solution for agencies, featuring policy administration, claims, custom apps, rating, CRM, portal, accounting & more Meer informatie over Velocity
Policy administration for insurance brokers & agencies
Transactor is a full cycle administration and policy processing solution for underwriting agencies, brokers, insurers & MGAs to streamline insurance delivery Meer informatie over Transactor
Cloud-based Insurance and Claims Management Solution
BriteCore is a fully-managed core platform for P&C insurers that supports digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models. A cloud-native solution, BriteCore is deployed using AWS and is continually updated for maximum security, efficiency, and durability at scale. Meer informatie over BriteCore
Real time modeling and quoting for self-funded health plans
Allay is an online platform which allows consultants & advisors to quote and model self-funded health plans in real-time. The system enables the comparison of multiple strategies & custom plans to identify the impact of components including reference-based pricing, direct primary care, and more. Meer informatie over Allay
Web-based policy management system
PolicyHandler is a web-based policy management software designed to help businesses streamline & manage all phases of the policy lifecycle, from application processing & issuance to commissions, billing & audits. PolicyHandler includes an automated renewal process & optional workflow tools. Meer informatie over PolicyHandler
Specialist insurance broking management software
PolicyFlow is an insurance broking management and policy administration solution designed specifically for insurance brokers. PolicyFlow provides users with features such as quote and claims management, policy administration, and risk capture forms. Meer informatie over PolicyFlow
Cloudgebaseerde beheeroplossing voor levensverzekeringen.
Proformex is een cloudgebaseerde oplossing voor het beheer van levensverzekeringen die onafhankelijke agenten, adviseurs, trustees en bedrijven van elke omvang helpt actieve polissen te beheren via portfolio-analyse, contractmonitoring en meer. Het platform slaat alle informatie op in een gecentraliseerde database. Meer informatie over Proformex
Digital insurance platform for brokers, insurers, and MGAs
GO-INSUR is a cloud-based digital insurance platform designed to help insurers, brokers, and managing general agents (MGAs) create, manage, and sell policies either directly to the customers or via brokers. Key features include commission disbursements, white labeling, data export, and reporting. Meer informatie over GO-INSUR